Mount Gomery

Plaintive Experimental Rock


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Hey friends,

Our last show at Radio Bushwick killed and we couldn’t have been happier with the turnout and with all the other bands that played. Our friend, Zoe Weber, was kind enough to take some flattering pictures of us. I didn’t want to diminish the quality of her work so I threw them up on a flickr account. Go check them out HERE or click the pic below.

Mount Gomery - Live @ Radio Buswhick

In other news, we’ll be playing at the Gutter on Feb. 22nd with our new friends Tiny Hazard and Analog Birds. Check these bands out now! You won’t be disappointed.


Lastly, we will be entering Brighton Sound Studios in mid April to record the follow-up record to In Series. We found this studio after discovering the dudes in Son Step.Our sound has grown exponentially in the past 2 years and even more so with the addition of our rumble brother, Tommy Orza on bass. Expect big riffs, crooning melodies, and a batch of material that we’ve been testing out for the past year.

As always, we thank you for the continued love and support.


Father Mount Gomery


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