Mount Gomery

Plaintive Experimental Rock


Mount Gomery is:

Ryan Hare: Vox/Guitar

Dan Romans: Drums/Vox

Tommy Orza: Bass

From Nefarious Industries:

“The songs of Mount Gomery could be compared to the soundtrack of a silent film. There is a disconnect between the dull image and it’s aural compliment but the potency and intimacy of the tunes demand relevance and explanation. The need to put words to a scene. The urge to unite. To discover the deepest meaning.

Guitarist and song writer Ryan Hare is braving unfamiliar ground with his solo project Mount Gomery. Previously established as solely a group player in experimental punk bands Monera and Faello Nor, Hare has taken his first stab at minimalist song writing. After successive band break-ups and a blind and unfruitful move to a new city Hare found himself stifled and unsure of how to form his creativity. He found that only his voice was able to express the changes around him.

The debut album In Series is an unprecedented display of Hare’s melancholy, minimal and overtly personal songs. Intrinsic guitar textures lay soft ground for beautifully gentle vocals that convey the image of a star filled sky on the darkest night. Tiny spots of hope in a cold and barren place. The album also includes astonishing climatic pieces of real rip-your-heart-out rock music featuring contributions from Tim Byrnes (Hazel-Rah, Kayo Dot), Marie Kim (Blank Paper, All These Kings) and Dan Romans (the DRX).

In Series truly sounds lush and pleasing. The album was engineered and produced by Zach Lipkins (,) and Marie Kim (Blank Paper, All These Kings) and will be released this April by New Jersey label Nefarious Industries. Mount Gomery is the kind of band that is going to sneak up on everyone. This release is going to open many doors for the artist as well as the listener. Before you know it, Mount Gomery will end up being Hare’s most successful and most worthy discovery, again, for the artist and the listener.”


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